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QDQ reunites for their third album. Special thanks to all friends and family for their support throughout this artistic endeavor.

All lyrics written by their respective performers. All tracks produced by Qubicity.


released November 6, 2015


A Meaningful Moment Through a Meaning(Less) Process - Stars of the Lid

Hold On:
Forever Lost - God Is An Astronaut

Lilac Wine - Jeff Buckley
Limbo Limbo Limbo - Jhene Aiko
Static - Godspeed You! Black Emperor

Living Right:
Roxanne's Dance - Gerald Veasley

Seamless - Archive
Sometimes I Cry - Les McCann

'Til Tomorrow:
Sanctuary - Kow Otani
Drift - CHON

Jon Snow:
Mercy - Kanye West, Big Sean, Pusha T and 2 Chainz

Fjogur Piano - Sigur Ros
The Grind - Hardwork Movement
Ain't No Mountain High Enough - Eric Marienthal



all rights reserved


Qubicity Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hiphop producer and vocalist based in Princeton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

Photo by James Sung

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Track Name: Strong feat. Anneka Allman
I'll be here, until the satellites fall out the sky
until the oceans all are gone and dry
until the sun has cooled into a stone
until we both find somewhere we call home
and i know that you have got to go but can't you stay a minute?
and i know that you have got this plan but can't you fit me in it?
i'm better off!...since i've got you trapped inside my head
your ever smiling face is always bye (by) but what you've said
has killed me, til i thought i too would never stand
but resurrection followed suit and wrenched me by the hand
so pull me close, i know it hurts, the wounds are fresh and wet
but trust me i've had scars and I know wounds just bleed to death
looking backwards tunnel ends just fade away and cease
but turn your head and see the one approaching bringing peace
so when i'm blind in my own cave, with only walls to grope
i'll remember still the strength you showed me called...

Hook (Anneka Allman & Qubicity):
Hold on, be strong
Hold on, it won't be long

Is it holding on if I’m in the air swimming inside a life jacket
With yellow jackets attackin and stabbin with matches
What’s happenin, do I smell like I’m wrapped in plastic
Protecting all of my pollen from prying eyes and scrying hatchets
Made of iron, made of acid, made of ash-creating habits
Made of apprehensive pensives who think I’ll always be passive
I’m past it, like lactic, my birthright is passion
And I’m marking up my body with wrinkle lines and patches
There’s a cause, a rip in the fabric I’m hawkin
A dip in parabolic flights and plights I never knew that I was balkin
I was coughin, I was all out, I was Walden with false doubt
Devout to the things you answered for me every moment I called out
Now I’m turnin my back to you to move the way you called out
The you in you’s the youth in me and now it’s time we ball out
So fall in, we’ll crawl out and reach beyond what’s called now
And grip a cloud so lively you would think we had a fallout
Track Name: Hold On feat. Keys
I'm ready - ready for action
I'm slicker than Kim with the fashion
Like a has-been, that is praying for buzz
I'm hungry like a sumo looking for lunch
Hear a beat in the street, give it a punch
Kill it right there better call in the fuzz
You with it? I’m with it let’s go out and get it
Let’s show it up, Philly, and get it some love
been sent from above
everything you heard is given a shove
from universe ether
into my mind and projected to speakers
so no one's beneath us
but I will destroy you if you impede us
I've been told that we need this
to tell you the truth, I think I believe em,
heaven-sent but I'm irrelevant until melding with,
a message meant to help a bit, til then I'm felled I guess..
me and qdq are climbing up the ladder
Ain't scared that we splatter if we hit the ground that dont matter
Yeah I'm never coming in fourth
QDQ's the top three awards
and I'm coming back for much more
so I run it back to be sure
we got good fans, and good fam
so this is all in lieu
cuz we're all in, we're walled in
so this is all for you

Hook (Keys):
I've been writin'
I've been fightin'
I've been schemin'
I've been dreamin' all day
I tell myself to hold on
I've been workin'
I've been hurtin'
I've been pushin'
I've been searchin' in the hope of some day
I tell myself to hold on

Sterling Duns:
I came on the scene
hopped on this thing bang
aint in strange?
aint it plain?
brotha’s still getting short changed
like some quarter water
bless em won’t you preachers?
hood full of asylum seekers
feelin like prayers won’t reach us
Jesus piece
Jesus please
taste success
aint it sweet
Take a breath
Cause it aint that deep
I hate to fail
this aint that week
I'm in my prime
fresh like prom
r.i.p dad
bless ya mom
Ima make it to top
And if i die, then its just my time
I want QDQ up at my eulogy
this aint nothing new to me
Its a warzone out there, be clear
bout to call in my super fleet
and as the clock strikes
i get more likes
but really don’t matter
cause my young bucks are heating up
and we scheming for what s after
That's why I paved the way for ya’ll bols
slaved away for ya’ll bols
gave away the pay for ya’ll bols
now guess what, the world is yours?
it’s in good hands, i trust fam
now go ahead and do you
cause with ya’ll leading, i do believe the future will be cool

Hook (Keys)

Fast, fast, falling to grass, grabbing for things that I never had
Passin’ through bad, but askin what’s good like Nicki to Miley who never been hood
Knew that I would, thought that I could, stood on the shoulders of giants who should have
Given me dap and not taken me back to the place in my heart where I scream in the woods
That is not good, and this no stupor, past revealing the future,
Path unraveled at last, I am the suture sealing sepulchres
And if you’re a looter, know your rabble is gold and I am consumer
You only exhume me, I’m a pharaoh entombed in modern day humor
Riddle me that though, put no spit on my castle,
You’re askin where did the stash go, well prepare to be bedazzled
My throne room awaits you, but only ‘cause I miss battle
I’m at the height of my pane, and you’re cast across it like shadow
And I’m heatin up and I’m steepin up and you creepin up like you rattle
And you squeakin bruh but I speak enough so I’m leapin’ off of my saddle
Been weak and tough, been eaten up so I see the bluff on you
I’ll draw the venom from your veins til my name ring true

Hook (Keys)
Track Name: Caution feat. Rick Banks
Sterling Duns:
I’m your neighborhood sanders
Bernie on the dance floor
while the after party’s bumping
the after life gets planned for
so I’m just in here chillin
milling get these meals in
my diet is so consistent
bass and snare, o yea, and samples
I owe Q like a landlord
i’m landlocked Lesotho
tween two Q’s, that’s QDQ
your pupils, don’t they dare move
keep you eyes glued to this image
hardwork is the mission
weight of the world like I’m benching so
if you aint with it good riddance
I built this up, how hot the mud
you hooked on hip-hop I got the drug
got a lion’s heart, I got the blood
of some africans who got no love
way back way back,
so why they still treat a brother like kate blanchett
lil fish, yo I’m tryna do great man
shades up, maybe sitting by a lake man.
vermont lake Cham
plain, dang, so hot
i change lanes, with no probs
bring, bangers to your door knob, no prob, no lie go live man like we sitting on the courtside
Q and Q pressing, aint stressing, duns lesson, I’m done giving blessing,
no question, the defin-nition
of unconscious champion freshman

Rick Banks:
Banks got heart like I'm Captain Planet
I'm that bomb-made pomade, dapper danned it
Not top of the dome, best believe I planned it
Scanned it, panned it, flow is smooth like I sanded
And imma take you to the woodshop
It's no turnin back once I let that hammer drop
You can't touch it, no fussin, naw it's nothin,
once my lips start bussin, like Pringles man, you can't stop
The hip hop starter kit
Chips and whips
Chicks and spliffs
Hypochondriac flow, how sick is this?
I insist you desist for you cease to exist
If you don't catch my gist, you get kissed by my fist
I'm policin the beats, don't get sought out, yeah
Cause I'm Kelis in these streets, don't get caught out there
Air you out like I'm Brady
Cheat codes daily
I'm a beast on the beats
Gnarls Barkley: crazy
One time for the Ricky
Flare on the snare
Rock a rhyme like it's tricky
Don't you dare poke the bear
Come at your neck like a hickey
Trinity rhymes
Three at a time like I'm Nicki
I barrage your squad wit rhymes thats great
Until your whole entourage is mine like Chase
And I ménage with sinners and the saints
The ares and aints
They all for Banks
They all give thanks
You're welcome
but I can't help em
I just point and laugh like I'm Nelson
Ha ha, I spit a take and see
That a-ha, these haters got the wrong take on me
So take a dose, feel better, please believe dat
Cause it's a bitter pill and most of yall need that
You ain't never gonna see another man like this
Ricky Banks moves crowds like evangelists

I'm grippin the gram, whippin and flickin my hands, stickin my scissors in fans,
I'm rippin the bands, trippin and slippin and slitherin like I'm a snake in a pan
It started with fam, departed with plans to demand a belief in the beast that I am
And I'm hungry again, I never eat til I butter a jam and I'm covered in Pam
Bam Bam Margera, this century is my era
You makin all these errors, that's superbad like Cera
I'll terminate ya like Sarah, no foolishness I dare ya
Spit a verse so turnt leave ya mind all burnt have you lookin like Aloe Vera
Verily I see clearly you see barely nearly I'd forgotten
I'm a lot to be mishandled pop ya candles this is rotten
Trottin like I'm outta manners my mantras have been remodeled
No idols but spoken words and inflections I never bottled
Ah, take it all in sip it up Deer Park, let it all flow no sap all bark
Spit a little quicker so the fig get thicker, put it to the wicker til the light go dark
Hole in my heart and the plug is a spark, Q on my chest like a redlight mark
Scarlet like a widow ain't never been a ditto move a rhyme like wind that's word that's art

Waving as I'm passing by
Better hope I don't metastasize
Otherwise I'm coming back for more
It's QDQ - the foots in the door
Got mops out, to clear the floors
Cuz Qil and Duns gon bring the gore
Had to go and get my booth all insured
Cuz these two don't play boy
Sick as a rash, and they split it in half
I'm feeling bitter in fact, cuz they be killing my stash
They pull a beat out the trash, and get me running it back
And get me feeling the track, and get me breaking my back
And got me taking a gasp
get me on the attack, to put a pen on the pad
And they be showing me that, we rival any in fact
We gotta get a good laugh, before we kill off the whack
You say that you're a monster?
Well I'm the shrew underfoot that's waiting for the comet!
no latch on the closet
i'm a batch for deposit
better yet - i'm cash and the profit
I'm the gas and the rocket
plus the match in your pocket
plus the brass in a socket
plus a dash of an artist
steal the lass out your locket
spitting fast like a faucet
Like bop it you gon play us
We drop hits but they don't pay us
We rockin, van halen
Stop it, no hating
We got this, no waiting
You're jogging, we're racing
We're popping, like face zits
We're topping you, face it
Track Name: Living Right feat. Keys
Sterling Duns:
Remember my adolescence
grooving to Evanescence
my immortal plight was unlike
the toil of being pleasant
and i was never present
out of sight out of mind
the only behind I looked at
was the past I left behind
and you were fine, that aint no lie
but I was never gonna sweat ya
but when it came time for summer
I started to feel the pressure
yea I'll text yea, but just once
and once then turned to twice
and twice turned to staying up texting
every night
couldn't get you out my mind
but i had some work to do
And every time you would call,
I'd say "I'm working boo"
but really, I was afraid to go to deep
my thoughts creeped
to heartbreak, for heaven's sake
I started losing sleep
And in my dreams I often imagine what couldve happen
but i can't go down the road, the movement is now in action
its all love, and forreal it always will be
and I put that on my city

Hook (Keys):
I gave my money to Jennifer
My heart to Jeanine
Put my own needs ahead of hers
That's why Becca had to leave
Stacy's eyes are always on my mind
Why is peace of mind so hard to find
If this union makes us feel alive
Then maybe I ain't livin' right

It's time like these that i remember my past lives
girls by whom I was defined, in mine and others' eyes
Staring up the sky, and stars that dot it like I's
Conversations through sighs, and telling beautiful lies
Of how we want to stay this way as baes forever ever more
18 without care of what comes after or before
And now you're reduced to a little box inside my drawer
But the tunes you used to bump still bring me right back to your door
Channel Orange for exploring
AIC for the boredom
And Yonce tastes of liquor
And walk the moon is bitter
Stop calling me a quitter
Cuz I swear I'm always with her
Put that jawn on shuffle and I'll find a song to fit her
But I hold you as a piece of me, and not the reverse
I'm more than just an item peeking out of your purse
She asked you ever heard this song and thought of me, Aqeel?
I said I never had before but now I always will

Hook (Keys)

I find a pretty peace of mind up in yo eyes too was shy before I showed ya my boo side
Boo I been waterfallin over myself like I'm two ply I'm foldin so I know whatcha dealt
And that's good good, it's time I started breathin for better, never been a bottomfeeder but I'm eatin the letters
You handed me to read inside the depths of ya soul, you uplifted me with hands that I had always sought to hold
See my lips had gone cold but now my heart's on voodoo, and my head is on fire what da heck did you do
I'm coming back to life when I'm running atcha sight like the wind behind your words is a rest and a surge
Tell me when ya feelin still and I will move ya if you press me, booboo you are the best like a pie's missin last piece
And you give me goodness more than you will ever know, is it right? I'm hopin time'll show

Hook (Keys)
Track Name: Procession feat. Anneka Allman
I can hear the church bells singing and a lonely clock ringing along,
All along I was wrong, all along I was gone while you produced a wicked sense of couth in the wise and the young who turned to hateful prawns that pawned your vicious arms for the things they never knew. It started with a whisper then it turned into a coup and soon enough you grew up to prove what we can do, but I have lived my life in hopes that I would never you
Cause a human sipping you could never win I got no proof
But I got this picture of you inside a grave, you're deep in the dirt and you're barely worth the stone that we weighed
You're reaching through earth in search of persons who may have stayed
But all have swayed away from your grasp, at last we have escaped
Alas, you are agape with blazes of our mistakes so take heed before you rise again, you are a self-consuming piece that we will not fit in

Hook (Anneka Allman):
No matter what they say
I'll give myself away
In hopes the world'll sway
Some day, some day
I'm looking through the grey
At a life without pain
I hope the world'll sway
Some day, some day

Don't know how to carry myself now that you're gone
I guess I had you on my back so long that i got strong
Does my life keep moving along?
If there's nothing to fight for and no point in writing songs?
I guess we're celebrating but I'm stuck in the mourning
What am I to do when I get up every morning?
Goodbye to the things that we have carried for life
It's time all of the hate we faced got buried in spite
the history, illness, the isms, the phobes
The amber alerts that force their way to your phones
I guess I'm just skeptical that we could let it all go
We been fighting so long we only care for the foes
But why'm I sitting here only worried bout me
Got to worry bout we
Let the world start to be
For the lord around the corner that was born into horror
I devote myself so that I can fade to the borders

Hook (Anneka Allman)

Sterling Duns
The other day I was
Sifting through some old albums
Your someone I'll never forget
But I'll live without ya
The memories are deep
Your touch so cold
But your grip too weak
I seen you turn the bravest hearts into cowards
I seen your never ending thirst for power
But your hour has come
The reaper gets us all
They say when you're reached ur purpose
The reaper gets the call
I came hear to hoop
I ain't come in here to ball
the mentality's different
It requires a vision
It requires precision
It requires an image of yourself held up
Simple, In its purest form
My missions the same
The burden unloaded
You have no power
I want u to know this
You've torn apart nations
Turned homes into wasteland
But no more for ya boy
Upwards, onwards to greatness
Track Name: 'Til Tomorrow feat. Keys
Dearly departed, honored and forefathers:
I'm furthering the genre for which you became a martyr
I'm bartering my way to the top and I hardly started
to whom it may concern, i'm bothering bored authors
I ensure coppers
don't want to see me with my CD
me and three other brothers getting questioned bout a murdered beat
I build my own casket with a synergy -
I take the lessons I was taught and get to whittling
I'm in your face like the slave drivers saliva
mama i'm a big tymer, imma grab that sample like a bank robber
I don't bother with the instagram followers
the twitter based anonymous, or any anthropologists
I got a lot to spit but I don't think I'll market it
until I fall on my stick
Yeah I walk soft but I think I'm sorta top heavy
They ask me where am I from and I say that God sent me
But when they ask me what it is that a do
I wanna say that man I'm helping the youth
Simply providing them with a point of view
And show em that it's pretty cool to be you
so at the end of my days i hope you're feeling my waves
if I'm alive and awake then I'm not taking a break
But I don't wallow in sorrow, when I lay down for the night
All I think is that tomorrow I'll be spreading the light

Hook (Keys):
Closed eyes til tomorrow
Snooze button always helps me think
I'll be fly by tomorrow
Or confidence got my whole mind playing tricks
Get a load of this brother baby
They'll know my name, we'll be better baby
I hope success and the money save me
I'm losing sleep just to chase these dreams

Sterling Duns:
Closed my eyes, woke up in the dream state
REM, Arboretums
Get planted, weekdays
And weekends, are spent cultivating
The patience
I'm contemplating the occupation
Of these other nations
Don't stand in the way of truth
Dont quiet the voice of reason
Just make way for QDQ
And bump it in every season
I won't be here forever, but when I'm present its a blessing
And Ima add a little flavor, my flow so salad dressing.
Why the testing?
And who giving the grades?
Two many years as enslaved
Brotha a just tryna get paid
you'll never see a u haul
Chasing a hurst
And so I never charge the movement
For just spitting a verse
This is my calling
Wait til the cameras are gone
then you can shed some tears
The whole team is put on
Say a prayer or two
For those that look like me
And wanting nothing more
Than a star in the sky just to dream
I got you lil homies
I know it's hard to believe
But I gotta get movement,
role up the sleeves
Much peace
It's been a long road
paved in good intentions
The well wishes had me well wishing
And I was allergic to hate like shell fishes
Are those bells, listen? Are the tolling for me?
Pieces, it's only right that I return to the sea
When I'm complete
Wade in the water
While feeling the steam
We rise like heat

Hook (Keys)

Lose my mind, I gotta shine by tomorrow
Keeping on this grind with all this time that I borrowed
The money and success make some gold out of sorrows
Rising to the top turns a man to a hero
Track Name: Jon Snow
I've gone mad
switched my name up to John Nash
But don't you go and get Duns mad
Cuz he'll pin you down like a thumbtack
I heard what you spitting
But kid the glaring omission
Is that we're flipping omniscient
You got a whip then you listening
i'm feeling myself, black balls
i'm chill with myself, jack frost
i'm killing the 'delph, like frack laws
but i'm spilling my wealth, so back off
or taste the spit that'll hit your mouth
like a septum that's ripped, out
if i'm miffed then imma dip, out
quick with the clique, now
when i send this track to Qil he gon start spazzin
gasping like he asthmatic
so i pack this hit and then i'm gonna pass it
I'm exposed like I'm in traffic flaccid
Catch me laxin in the limelight, basking
Blast raps that i be spitting out fast on a back track that got me sitting on plaques
I spit so hot i go blue with it you overdoing it i just go through with it
you be like, yo that boy too legit
I be like yeah man i'm all you is
times two
aint that the truth
we been winning, how bout you?
man, and that's QDQ

Sterling Duns:
QDQ I'm in this you hating, just mind your business
that hot beat yo let me hit this, good music is my prescription
by the end you'll be addicted, don't worry about your image
matter fact just smash your mirrors, overrated, watch me bake em.
Let me get em real quick.
And I'm killing it, filling it, banana peeling it, homie don't trip man don't slip
can't get a grip get a hint
We don't ever get tricked kicked flip, pro skating Tony Hawk-in
I be out in the Balkans with Vulcans, home alone in the Zone
McCalkin and Jordan, BALLIN
That's Space J, that's way above Grade A, or the new Grade A
We don't play, QDQ some bad kids like Bebe,
Let me call my baby, straight to VM, whelp I'll holla in the PM
But when you see him, ahem, please don't turn it to TMZ
See, what had happened was, we were chillin, cuz
We were rippin up, beats suddenly my flow done ripped a bus.
Tore up from the floor up, nobody was injured an avenger, I'm an iron man
Thor, Captain, enjoy the action, enjoy the rapping, just a young black man
Tryna make it as American.

Got a word to curb from that last clause, sike naw we been boss
Birds prefer to spit first class so we run it past em like Em Frost
Tryna think hard, don't get lost, we real smooth, we spin yarns
Verse dutty winin' like vineyards, and y'all nimrods, we been saw it
So tell me why we expend flaws all to watch the lesson get slept through
Y'all know nothing, y'all Jon Snow, we stay learning, we make do
With no applause for an amniotic sac full of black jewels,
I'm a claptrap packed full of Jack's cubes
I'll annihilate a space with a verbal embrace, poetic mercy for your well-being harpooned
Livin' still like a cartoon, face placed on the back of a dairy farm carton
And I could ask who are you? Take a sip and understand this flow ain't jargon
Never bin, I'm a bargain, round a bend like a Lamborghini 'Neno chargin'
And my name ain't Zartan, walk around with a clown face lookin' like Carlton
Call it pride call it hubris, all I know is I could leave a young Holmes feelin' clueless
Is it clear that I do this? stack overflow never been the live code to this
My caution's truant, I'm an overhead wire hangin’ like mucus
And I ain't no Brutus, but I'm thinkin' dot dot dot...the rap game stupid
Track Name: Grind
Sterling Duns:
My youngins made me proud, they taught me more than teachers
The musics in my soul
It got to me more than some preachers
I had to be patient, i use to sit up in the bleachers
for coach to see us
Now coach, im goin iso,
Watch me heat up
Ballin like i should, I
Called it from the hood
i came up now whats good I
Wish my father and homie could ride
With me
I wear ur presence like a helmet
So when im crashing parties being
Haughty you tell be pleasant
Be present
Bless em
Im on my presi campaign
Check em, you cant this my game
Letting My weapon of change
Bring truth yo pen is my blade
Before i fade to borders, q said lets blow up
Qil with the program
im not fearing no man, homie lets go up
lets do what we were meant to
Break bread some
Them late night will be worth it
When my weekdays become simple
Its QDQ now and QDQ later
In between its fulfilling dreams til my soul becomes greater

Hook (Qubicity):
I'm on that grind

Yo yo we been through it like bleachers, steady minded like Jeters
Seating ain't in my mental, we run the spot like we meters
Ring ring, that's the sound of change, blowin' up long range
Like we in the game, charge goin off with the flick of a wrist inside of a crane
When we ball we wrecking ball, pall-bearin epileptic jaws,
Drop em like we brought too much shine, croppin like a Monsanto cause
It ain't hard, but it's hard work that we do,
When we in the booth we sun dial and we leave a message for truth
And we leave a number for you, and we leave it bumpin for youth
Got little homies feelin woke at home wit no pillow for that tooth
That's sugar in my soup, and that's boogers in my boots
My nose is leakin out liquid gold and I'm tryna turn it to proof
No whiskey in my content, just whiskers mixed with rhymin
Found wisdom in my ramen, that's a lawsuit for good timing
But this simple thing ain't common, so I'm cravin more for my eyelids
Cause my irises are like islands and it's for the people I'm grindin!!

Hook (Qubicity)

Music for the people, music for the steeple
Music rivaling the moves made by the Heatles
2 rings back to back '12, '13 but no '11
Now we up for three peat with no cramps or vendettas
We better, be better than better
Us fellas bout to swell and be the precedent setters
No set ups or set backs, just fed up with dumb raps
No severs no rough patch, we leverage some trust that
We cultivated way back
When we made a couple stray tracks
I'd say that, we make all time great tracks and you can put that on the record
Aqeel says we're coming for the rap crown and you can write it to the letter
I still remember when Steling said yo Q and Q let's go and get em
Music was that fall back
Until I got that call back
And duns said send me a couple more of them Qubi bomb tracks
he saw that
Vision where we all that
QDQ is what we call that
Together, we been on that

Hook (Qubicity)