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Collaboration album between Sterling Duns and Qil! Check em out:

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released August 28, 2014

Thank you to the wonderfully talented Julia Schorn and Chris Zurich for their permission to sample their pieces. Julia can be heard on track 6, and Chris can be heard on track 5.




all rights reserved


Qubicity Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hiphop producer and vocalist based in Princeton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

Photo by James Sung

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Track Name: Lapse [Qubicity, Duns, Qil]
They all riddled with asthmatic gasping and Ritalin grasping
asking for the fastest of acids
Wracked with fibrosis after potent passes
Tackling focus with rogue rodent cackling
Packing static grasses
Addicts laughing and passing a cup,
Lapping it up, filled with sap and some bud
til flashing a buzz and letting it run
Cro-magnon’s in fashion in mastering fun
But the blast of that rum I can't love
cuz I’m elated and salivating at thoughts of me elevating
I’m crazy and jaded and escalating your favorites,
Pop in my playlist, they made him to make tracks snap like alligators
Lets get the lames re-educated
but drop the payment for making hits
The money’s superfluous
The joy is in when you writ it and spit it, after rehearsing it
Lets reverse the quips, make it cool to be a nerd a bit
Hit the books and learn to grip the hobbies that you're flirting with

Welcome to Sterling’s Rollercoast
Just up on the other coast
chillin eating buttered toast
Water in my styrofoam
Reporters at my college yo
Im honest enough to tell em
to come back, im acapella
not really you silly
who me truly
cause I do me, my duty
allegiance, is just to my team
so we dream, unruly
to the mission that they set before
q got those beats for yo chess
so homie lets just explore
I pass time by busting rhymes
yea we the next in store
never less but more
we huskie like okafor
trust me you won’t deplore
we just got here
and we bout to build real estate
we kiss the snare with success
until then we will not rest
too young to feel back pain
or neck pain
that don’t make sense
kung fu shaq game
big body rap game shaq’s rap game
kazaam, shaq magic on the track game.

Why don'tcha tell me what I'm needing
I'm heeding these heathens heated by
Beatings repeated in neon meetings
Where greasy greetings'll getcha some easy seating,
Just pardon me I'm feeding and fleeing my inner feeling
Not appeasing but we don't learn to take a stand while eating
Not appealing but this buzzin is fuzzin who I'm being
Seizing my reasoning and reaching for winter's worth of seasoning
They say relieving but how come I think I'm baby teething
Maybe I'm seeking for something that's safe for pacifying
Patterned by caverns my aberration got paths unwinding,
Scattered like Saturn my fascinations need better timing,
Tattered and battered it matters to have a dome unfrying ,
Laughter was sadder back before I caught myself relying,
But now I'm fine and smiling --
No adders at all, just down to earth and grav defying
I'm climbing adamant ladders of passion packaged like platters my passage has to be stupefying
Track Name: Vent [Qubicity]
he’s sick as an octogenarian with malaria
so he sparring without an arm so that fencing is fair again
and bars are on par with a hundred pages of Merriam
stunting til the beats getting bludgeoned, nary can carry him
cold as the pole when staying stuck in the wintertime
with a moon lit sky, leaving shuckers no sunshine
Supple suckers feel the frigid flow and they run crying
From ammonium and septic snow in the drums, I'm
a grimy groaning tyrant when inside of my head
Ducking down you finding rhymes will fly right over your head
Each line is a violent virus, blinding minds, never dead
These lyrical lessons lethal will leave you lying in bed
Hoping that it all blows over when you wake but instead
V stands for Vendetta and this verse is a vent
We bout to take the game over from the Aerotyne shed
Logo a silhouetted hand, a notebook, and pen
They said write a verse so imma write em up an article
Pre and post audible, this flow runs soluble:
I attack, nautical. With artifacts,
Matter fact, I’m liable to phone your home and spit it like a waterfall
I take it from lugubrious to jubilant
Sans me, bars left naked like Rufus is
Dumb it down, bind the belt, inject it for the doofuses
Hop up on a hooptie and start screaming that I'm too legit!
You see this isn't for the lucratives
But no rhymes rattle, they epitomize exuberance
All y’all battle, imma sit above the foolishness
Imma cop cuisine and then consume who’s food it is
This Hunger Games and you rappers looking like entrees
I get it hype with Qil and Dwight you know we bomb strays
I'm on the mic I spit it right like Aaron Yates
I'm the man you can't pretend I ain't your mom's fav
Track Name: Venus [Duns, Qil]
We would fall in line but that aint us.
I shoulda made time to link up,
i wanna make minds think trust
at least us, thats the movement,
bout time for some home improvement,
tim the tool man,
tooling, i was schooling
overseas cooling,
pops sickness had me tuned in
my lil sis was going thru it, mom’s too,
older bro,work overload grueling
over time i grew
i was cooling, seaside
by the pool in
my dreams, in reality
things but inside i was two men
in the mirror, I was two him’s
too dim, had to prove it’s
worth moving against the grain, my crew just
gave more power up to the name
the movement
we started moving
too elusive, for these haters
fakeness imprudent,
prudence was our best friend, fame & coolness
don’t be 2 quick to let these fall from your two lips,
i declare newness
in the name of hip-hops truest
and the truth is
hiphop almost got booted
ll cooled it
no j’s, no new kicks
this that newness
better get used to it
and if they don’t recognize
the name, we use to it
but I know they recognize the game the influence.

I’m still writing, still fighting - got nerve,
I got verve but my voice might not work
I got game but I ain’t using the right wordses
I’m not lame but I wouldn’t fit in tight purses
My person’s accursed by versions of hearses
Heard to be gift-wrapped in proverbial verses
I’m undeserving, subserving, simply suburban
And shirtless searching for courage to curtain call
These lovely up above me deterrents
Talk fast so I pass deferment,
Say it with me so I know I’m worth it
‘Cause I sho’ ain’t perfect
Gone digging and I’m far from dirtless
So I can’t stop motion, can’t go Tim Burton
Hands show I’m hurtin’, aunts know I’m worried
Stance like “I’m fine” ‘cause hip-hop’s my jury
These thoughts I bury, onslaughts of scurvy
Seasick to my dome but my flow go flurry
Why should I hurry? Waiting for patience to pile up
A heavy escalation of outcomes
Weighted in my favor for a fate like Waldo
Worst-case scenario I waste like Voldo
But I’ll still smile though, when I hear dial-tones,
I push red for a lyrical salvo, I pull back from hysterical how come’s
Lean back and laugh ‘cause I’m still so bronco
Point too tonto? I’m no Rondo,
Sound may be mono but I’m no John Doe
Craft’s full of hip hop from no bottle
And I punch lines like I’m Marciano
It’s big crunch time everywhere that I go
Just tryna make it from Kanto to condo
I know that’s Tentacruel, check my oblongata
Rap is not a hobby, it’s a kata-ana
Track Name: Clueless [Duns, Qubicity]
Summer days, autumnal influence
For the truants thru with all schoolin
And i cant blame them, we were clueless
Thinkin they dont get the picture
Cause we figure they arent too quick
That was our doing
Beat too sick to let it go
on the radio
interwaves interplay
Interstate hyper flow
Riding on the track pop a wheelie on the snare
Doing donuts on
Why u rap? Cause, I dnt care
If i live half the fullest life,
Be good getting murderd young
Funeral of millennials
Dreamers, young hooligans
Who grew up in turmoil
With Battles for oil drums
Who gave us the world to hold
Too much pressure they spoiled us
Beats on beats, qubicity watch me
Boil em
Till im coiled in soil watch me toil til deeds are done
I laugh But that aint how the story goes
We pave the way then walk away,
And pray the Story grows

Seceding been repeated and forced by the impeders
Reseeding the trees of greedy seekers and creed preachers
Teaching plebs of the bravest
Good gracious who can save us
When the blind put pen to paper
Sending us to meet our maker?
Shored on the rhetoric: for this you don’t search quora
But if you fill your quota, man we fill the forum
and start our soaring
We can part ways pedal flooring, spread the spores
And repair together with hands once foreign
Glory is glorified by stories and intertwined with
Four score and sevenfold specified
lies, ‘bout treacherous times
and lecherous crimes that show love of
battling and turning soldiers into cattle, chains rattle
with the amaurotic in the saddle
The cat’s cradle of the fable,
Pride is passed down from stable to stable
And the neighbors nod their noses at the smell of the foul
but scared they might ignite the flames of the sweltering crowds

I got that Quaker core - fighting war
is nothing that’s worth fighting for
I’d rather pour it all into the beat and let the mic record
Inciting more poets is the pleasure that I’m writing for
I might allure three or four and get em lighting midnight oil
The royals might consider that a foiled plight
But see I’d like to see a fight as more of just a moral blight
You send them off to lands that never seen the godly light
See our path is slightly bright and doesn't end in bottled nights
I’m thinking twice bout all that I’ve been taught since birth
Now that I’m quite old enough to see the world for what it's worth
I’ve got a chance right in my hands to try to spread a friendly word
I’ll say my share then send a prayer and hope that it’ll start to curb
The violence that violates the nations and annihilates
The vile race remains, the ones that go to greatest lengths
Us quiet ranks will rise against the pile and show common sense...
We’ve got to address our own regrets

Young brotha, aint heard of him
blessing beats, churchin em
i use to be in churches
rehearsing the sermons of
the pastors
crash course in ethics
so ketchup
but i couldn’t mustard up the courage
to do better
so relish the dreams
no beef, hotdogs only vegan
so when they tell me
“You aint hot dog”
I don’t believe em
I blame that on my father
hard headed like he was thinking
rock solid thoughts
i was lost,
all roads lead back to teachers
we grew up in the village
planted seeds, reaped from the tillage
our neighborhoods were scrimmaged,
torn apart plundered and pillaged
we never saw em returned, refurbed
were left unfinished
and they wonder why, the questions we ask,
pertain to image
imagined us as we were,
we become not what we thought
like riches and dreams, greed and evil seeds
is all we sought.
Forgive us heaven. We didn’t know the consequence
of not treating common folk equal, thought it was common sense
Track Name: Starless Sky [Qil, Duns, Qubicity]
Clearly it's serious
Delirium here we come with a potent dose of lyrical bacterium
Are we really hearin' em or are we just feelin wearisome
Cause everyone is spitting their freshest pieces of irium
The people want some helium,
Heely's to spill the beans and lead us to Sealy's
Mounted on the ceilings of our dreams
Taught to believe if Ye asks then Ye shall receive
But what happens to the crowd who's doused in dollar jeans?
Puh-lease we need some inspiration
For better vocations,
The veterans of letter spins gotta
Show us the way in
Open some doors conjured for testing more of our patience
Waiting and pacing acres for labors that leave em aching
Spending time in the mir, shining my motivation
While grinding and signing papers for later living arrangements
But if you got a mind for finding a revelation
Just reach into the starless sky and take it

I take a deep breath, the inspiration settles in
then i I go in, pad and pen,
cradling my madaness,
my bad cause this, is not me and the distance is
my hobby, im probably a copy
of somebody who was is not me
i paint a picture so vivid
what did he dream at night
while killas go scheme at night
all i do is breathe and write
hip-hop aint dead
it just needed a rest stop
so me in q go in, and we begin
with the fresh, best top
of the dome flow did you notice
we flyer then all the lotus
silver rhymes is the old,
make hits so potent and golden
and if i get the chance, to be a senior citizen
i don’t want to wish for past love and being a kid again
so every moment, i live it like its my last
feet up seat up, shades beaming dreaming on the grass
my inspiration is the human experience
rhymes leave em delirious, undefined no need for merriam
just cherish em

Duns hold up let me bury em
Out back with all the dreams that I wish were there again
Lost in translation since adolescence I’m scared of them
Begging banging on the inside of the terrarium
The world is mortal from portal windows in my plane crash
Some sit in first but I'm stuck in the insane class
Hounded by my dreams and get to hating where they're made at
Right inside my mind where every other thoughts a brain blast
I pray that, I feel alive when I spit it, in time to the rhythm
know my lies are forgiven
In my tithe it is written, when I finna get to living
Know that I can steal a breath my future is permitted
and I’m a little crazy too, my brother
But Imma have your back lets get the others to recover
I stutter, but mutter out this letter from your copy
Peak across the aisle we’re together man, I got me
Track Name: Rebirth [Qubicity, Duns, Qil]
The osmotic turgidity and the cosmic lucidity
Readily astounds renowned scientist centipedes
The cheddar cheese on the open faced full of shredded beef
Is stealing the virginity from secrets screaming let us be!
But how do you define being?
Sitting staring at the cracks in the ceiling?
Hoping it'll all spell out the meaning
Of dissecting way beyond our feeling?
You're wondering whether life came from above
Instead of following the light that is love
Is it power to know we’re from a meteor shower?
Endowed with information but never smelling the flowers
Searching for her cure, never spending time around her
The Fountain flows but you ignore it to climb the tower
And now her disease is progressed, there’s no coming back
All because you had to run laps to face facts

i had to smarten up,
caution tape, lining the market up
often prayed, wondering is this enough
another brother from an inner city
believing in change, feeling estranged from childhood friends we
used to laugh and grow up, congrats turned to envy
I want what they have, I want it all, but we had plenty
greed of knowledge.
Some brothas never went to college
don’t mean they don’t got class
we live in the future to much,
and watch the present pass
and its true
we never learned how to balance
we rose up in the morning
just to rise to the challenge
and never stopped once to smell the roses
cause we were pushing since birth
lifted ourselves past commotion
now we’re closer to dirt
and we’ll look back and wonder
if its cool we did it this way
when we coulda stopped
this way and made history
but i never regret a moment
but next time the present sells time
ima own it,

Ya caught me crawling from a crack inside of the earth, a rebirth
Of aspirations digging deep in the dirt, like beaver
I'm eager
To reverse
This cheap curse
I'm living with a heart that I would wish to be a speaker
But I never learned to speak up,
Only heard of shot glass
We po'd it up with liquor full of ignance
And some lock clasps
That only held us back,
Homie can hold it down
But can he raise our spirits up when the time comes around?
That's what it's all about...
Knowledge to give when all is out
Wisdom full of teeth that'll bite ya back if you call it doubt;
Whiskers full of speech that'll talk you down til ya got some clout,
And whispers full of bleach that'll sweep your drive when it's buggin out...
Uh, that's why I gotta keep it bumpin loud
Had to find a reason to breathe myself up into the clouds
Got the pow, action is power,
Heat inside my heart and now I'm just adding the flour
This ain't no cat and mouse, this is me making Ma prouder
Reaching for straws and taking what's meant for my powder
What's fair is fouler, right until the play begins
Just let the clock run, I'll tell you how it ends