Caution feat. Rick Banks

by QDQ: Qil x Duns x Qubicity

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The boys are back. Strap in.

Lilac Wine - Jeff Buckley
Limbo Limbo Limbo - Jhene Aiko
Static - Godspeed You! Black Emperor


Sterling Duns:
I’m your neighborhood sanders
Bernie on the dance floor
while the after party’s bumping
the after life gets planned for
so I’m just in here chillin
milling get these meals in
my diet is so consistent
bass and snare, o yea, and samples
I owe Q like a landlord
i’m landlocked Lesotho
tween two Q’s, that’s QDQ
your pupils, don’t they dare move
keep you eyes glued to this image
hardwork is the mission
weight of the world like I’m benching so
if you aint with it good riddance
I built this up, how hot the mud
you hooked on hip-hop I got the drug
got a lion’s heart, I got the blood
of some africans who got no love
way back way back,
so why they still treat a brother like kate blanchett
lil fish, yo I’m tryna do great man
shades up, maybe sitting by a lake man.
vermont lake Cham
plain, dang, so hot
i change lanes, with no probs
bring, bangers to your door knob, no prob, no lie go live man like we sitting on the courtside
Q and Q pressing, aint stressing, duns lesson, I’m done giving blessing,
no question, the defin-nition
of unconscious champion freshman

Rick Banks:
Ya boy Banks got heart like I'm Captain Planet
I'm that bomb-made pomade, dapper danned it
Not top of the dome, best believe I planned it
Scanned it, panned it, flow is smooth like I sanded
And imma take you to the woodshop
It's no turnin back once I let that hammer drop
You can't touch it, no fussin, naw it's nothin,
once my lips start bussin, like Pringles man, you can't stop
The hip hop starter kit
Chips and whips
Chicks and spliffs
Hypochondriac flow, how sick is this?
I insist you desist for you cease to exist
If you don't catch my gist, you get kissed by my fist
I'm policin the beats, don't get sought out, yeah
Cause I'm Kelis in these streets, don't get caught out there
Air you out like I'm Brady
Cheat codes daily
I'm a beast on the beats
Gnarls Barkley: crazy
One time for the Ricky
Flare on the snare
Rock a rhyme like it's tricky
Don't you dare poke the bear
Come at your neck like a hickey
Trinity rhymes
Three at a time like I'm Nicki
I barrage your squad wit rhymes thats great
Until your whole entourage is mine like Chase
And I ménage with sinners and the saints
The ares and aints
They all for Banks
They all give thanks
You're welcome
but I can't help em
I just point and laugh like I'm Nelson
Ha ha, I spit a take and see
That a-ha, these haters got the wrong take on me
So take a dose, feel better, please believe dat
Cause it's a bitter pill and most of yall need that
You ain't never gonna see another man like this
Ricky Banks moves crowds like evangelists

I'm grippin the gram, whippin and flickin my hands, stickin my scissors in fans,
I'm rippin the bands, trippin and slippin and slitherin like I'm a snake in a pan
It started with fam, departed with plans to demand a belief in the beast that I am
And I'm hungry again, I never eat til I butter a jam and I'm covered in Pam
Bam Bam Margera, this century is my era
You makin all these errors, that's superbad like Cera
I'll terminate ya like Sarah, no foolishness I dare ya
Spit a verse so turnt leave ya mind all burnt have you lookin like Aloe Vera
Verily I see clearly you see barely nearly I'd forgotten
I'm a lot to be mishandled pop ya candles this is rotten
Trottin like I'm outta manners my mantras have been remodeled
No idols but spoken words and inflections I never bottled
Ah, take it all in sip it up Deer Park, let it all flow no sap all bark
Spit a little quicker so the fig get thicker, put it to the wicker til the light go dark
Hole in my heart and the plug is a spark, Q on my chest like a redlight mark
Scarlet like a widow ain't never been a ditto move a rhyme like wind that's word that's art

Waving as I'm passing by
Better hope I don't metastasize
Otherwise I'm coming back for more
It's QDQ - the foots in the door
Got mops out, to clear the floors
Cuz Qil and Duns gon bring the gore
Had to go and get my booth all insured
Cuz these two don't play boy
Sick as a rash, and they split it in half
I'm feeling bitter in fact, cuz they be killing my stash
They pull a beat out the trash, and get me running it back
And get me feeling the track, and get me breaking my back
And got me taking a gasp
get me on the attack, to put a pen on the pad
And they be showing me that, we rival any in fact
We gotta get a good laugh, before we kill off the whack
You say that you're a monster?
Well I'm the shrew underfoot that's waiting for the comet!
no latch on the closet
i'm a batch for deposit
better yet - i'm cash and the profit
I'm the gas and the rocket
plus the match in your pocket
plus the brass in a socket
plus a dash of an artist
steal the lass out your locket
spitting fast like a faucet
Like bop it you gon play us
We drop hits but they don't pay us
We rockin, van halen
Stop it, no hating
We got this, no waiting
You're jogging, we're racing
We're popping, like face zits
We're topping you, face it


released September 21, 2015



all rights reserved


Qubicity Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hiphop producer and vocalist based in Princeton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

Photo by James Sung

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