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First single from THOUGHTS FROM THE BOTTOM: QDQ's second tape together.

Take a listen to the second single off Thoughts From the Bottom: qubicity.bandcamp.com/track/hammer-feat-keys-debby-duns

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I spit that Verisimilitude,
The Clarity, inner truth
Focus up on my crew
You focus on doing you
I'm saying duece to the recluse
And chilling in my room, tried to claim it was my booth but really my tomb
I wanna see the world, even just a part of it
Better yet I wanna say that I was part of it
It seems like things are moving past at an alarming clip
But imma fight back man I'm balling fists
So goodbye to all the family, goodbye to all the exes
Plus the friendships lost in time to the trenches
I'll see you in my dreams but I'm living fully sentient
My eyes can stay open in the dark without depression
A couple months ago I thought i'd never learn my lesson
Now I spit my soul on top of holy beats I'm blessing
Steady flexing on the grind and never stressing
Now that I realize that I'm a star no crescent

Sterling Duns:
no question
its a blessing
just to be here
just to see, hear
touch smell, taste success
check the press
the latest post
not to boast
but we the next
And all my past dreams
are headed past me
broke hearts, broke ties without asking
A cold world
you own pearls
when the pressure dont get to you
fine linen aint nothing if it do fit to you
and my credentials were off the charts
Climbed charts, just to put the pieces together
a widows heart
broke when my father pass
I have to ask
is moving on 1st stage
or maybe its the last
either way that’s where I’m at
and its eye opening
im focusing
peace love and unity
thats all i am promoting
then im focus man
moving on, cause if not, id be a broken man

if I said I was content with our goodbye itd be a lie
And every night I see your face alive inside my cries
I find that all signs say in time I'm left behind
You left my universe and left my mind misaligned

Sterling Duns:
Misaligned need your tires rotated
cause ive been driving through my thoughts
hopped the curve, blast through the pavement
ibeen elated been sedated, had the painage move to patience
and all the while, through the ages, had to wait think we'll make it

Said I'm fine and had to fake it
Thoughts collapsing meditating
Been afraid when cerebrating
Yearning at the celebrations
Steady claiming imma reach that basis
But moving backwards isn't even a stasis

Sterling Duns:
face it, you're only here until the hours up
cowards jump at that reality, cowardly. courage trumps
any and everything, let it ring,
you chasing a life of quality or quantity through all them dollar dreams

Reality is sour, b if you filled with malicy
Let it out and counter the influential fallacies
I been touring all up and down the galleries
And ain't nobody make it there if they steady bound to cheese

Sterling Duns:
and Ive been touring round the galaxy, stars aligned
saying its time to take the stage, flip the page, spit the rhyme
its time to take the stage, yo Q, you fittin to ride
Cause the present is the most pressing time to just be alive


released November 29, 2014



all rights reserved


Qubicity Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hiphop producer and vocalist based in Princeton, NJ and Philadelphia, PA.

Photo by James Sung

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